What moves you –

May peace find its way within our hearts. Being louder than thoughts. Voices arising. And actions within. So as to harmonize what is not in a wholesome balance. Wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2023 – and years to come.

Lines by Marzia Di Placido

Inspired by various readings on mindfulness, poetry – and buddhist wisdoms.

Mandy Graham

The beauty of simplicity

Los Angeles based designer Mandy Graham illustrates a body of work that embraces both the ornate and minimal.

The diversity of her projects share a design philosophy that clearly defines a cohesive balance of texture, light and form. The use of such restraint communicates an aesthetic that is both timeless and sophisticated.

The Corporate Design Experience reflects the corporation’s DNA

Interior Design is a mandatory element to create emotions and nurish the Corporate Design Experience. Define a true Corporate Identity Experience within all touchpoints. Surprise your customer.